ULD SH: Länderübergreifende Datenschutz-Prüfung von Medien-Webseiten: Nachbesserungen nötig


Coordinated cookie practice review by German DPAs.

Observations on

  • Wrong order – loading cookies/trackers prior to consent
  • Wrong information – Insufficient or wrong information on user tracking on first level of the consent banner
  • Wrong consent – Insufficient scope of consent. Many cookies/trackers remain active even if users deny consent on first level of banner to “All”
  • No easy consent denial/revocation – Often no easy way to deny consent on first level of consent banner, or to close banner without a decision.
  • Manipulation of users – dark design patterns, nudging..

zama.ai – full homomorphic encryption (FHE) – also github




from github:
“This is currently an exploratory proof-of-concept. While it could be deployed in practice, the run-times of the FHE-C++ operations are likely to be too long to be practical at this time. This transpiler heavily relies on the TFHE library for security guarantees. Since TFHE is relatively new, there are yet to be robust cryptanalyses of TFHE. Thus, before including this library in a live production deployment, be aware that there may be yet undiscovered vulnerabilities in TFHE.”