EU commission response on contractual form of data processing agreements

“The GDPR further provides that such contract or legal act shall be in writing, including in electronic form. [..] In principle, automated contract processes are lawful. It is not necessary to append an electronic signature to contracts for them to have legal effects. E-signatures are one of several means to prove their conclusion and terms.[..]”

Full text:

Belgium: new Belgian Data Protection Act (September 5, 2018)

The new Belgian Data Protection Act

Sidley has an article on it here:

“Genetic, Biometric and Health-Related Data Processing

Additional organizational and security measures must be put in place by data controllers and/or processors that process genetic, biometric or health-related data. On the basis of the Belgian Act, they must designate specific personnel authorized to access such data, and identify their capacity in relation to the data processing. A list with this information should be compiled and kept at the disposal of the competent Supervisory Authority. In addition, they must ensure that these individuals are bound by confidentiality with regard to this data on the basis of either statutory or contractual requirements.”

(Old) links related to the total revision of the Swiss Data Protection Law

Rosenthal, Der Vorentwurf für ein neues Datenschutzgesetz: Was er bedeutet, Jusletter v. 20.2.2017

This is excellent reading material – covers some very interesting aspects of Swiss privacy today (e.g. data subject access rights under current law)

Results of the Vernehmlassung and Botschaft of the Bundesrat

Summary of changes by David Vasella (post- vs. pre-Vernehmlassung Draft)