A GDPR presentation worth sharing..

.. and it’s not one of mine.

As probably most of you, I had to prepare quite a few slide decks on the EU General Data Protection Regulation in 2016. These have been very specific to my employer, and unfortunately I can’t share them.

But I also was fortunate to watch and listen to many of you doing your presentations. For example at the IAPP Knowledgenet in Switzerland, and at workshops hosted by IPPC and (ISC)2. And each of them was an opportunity for me to learn.

Looking back, for me the most inspiring presentation was the slide deck “EU General Data Protection Regulation – A workshop for companies in Switzerland” by David Rosenthal published on the Homburger Web Site. – Elegant structure, to the point, with a very natural flow. It’s available under the CC-BY-NC-ND license, along with some other material at http://www.homburger.ch/en/current/publications/dataprotection/

Very recommended reading.