Article: Data Transfer to unsafe Third Countries

Of the relevance and potential of the risk-based approach in Transfer Impact Assessment (TIA) under the EU Commission’s new Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC), in particular for applicant management software and intra-group data transfers

Lawyer Nina Diercks, M.Litt (University of Aberdeen), Hamburg (Germany)*

Heiko Markus Roth, LL.M., Internal Data Protection Officer, Lübeck (Germany)**

EU Parliament: Regulating facial recognition in the EU

“The European Union is considering regulating facial recognition in the proposed artificial intelligence act, currently under discussion. This EPRS publication explains the state of play and further highlights the concerns raised by the use and the potential impacts on people’s fundamental rights of facial recognition technologies. Against this background, the paper explores the current EU legal framework applicable to facial recognition and examines the recent proposals for regulating facial recognition technologies at EU level in depth.”