EDPS Survey on Data Protection Impact Assessments under Article 39 of the Regulation (case 2020-0066)

Interesting report that also points out the wide variety in DPIA formats and sizes.
It also talks about specific passages and questions used.


Additional EDPS guidance:

CNIL Open Data initiative


Quite a few interesting data sets published by CNIL as Opendata, incl. e.g.

  • Contact information for Data Protection Authorities around the world
  • Number of formal notices notified each year since 2014
  • Number and type of sanctions notified each year since 2014
  • Lists of declarative formalities completed with the CNIL (1979 – May 24, 2018)
  • List of notifications of personal data breaches received by the CNIL
  • List of formalities prior to the implementation of personal data processing sent to the CNIL since May 25, 2018
  • Number of complaints received annually by the CNIL since 1981
  • etc.