Summary Final Decision Art 60

No infringement

Background information
Date of final decision: 11 September 2019

CSAs: DE-Berlin

Legal Reference: Lawfulness of the processing (Article 6), Right to erasure (Article 17)

Decision: No infringement of the GDPR

Key words: Lawfulness of the processing, Right to erasure, Consumer protection, Anti-Money Laundering, Legal obligation

Summary of the Decision

Origin of the case
The complainant requested the deletion of her account on the controller’s website. Her request was not granted by the controller. The complainant filed a complaint with the CSA.

According to UK anti-money laundering legislation, the controller was required to retain customer information for a period of five years after the end of the business relationship. The LSA found that the complainant’s information had been retained in line with the controller’s legal obligations.

As the controller complied with his data protection obligations, no further action towards it was taken by the LSA.

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