Summary Final Decision Art 60

Failure to comply with the accuracy principle

Background information
Date of final decision: 3 August 2019



Legal Reference: Principles relating to processing of personal data (Article 5), Right to rectification (Article 16), Right to object (Article 21)

Decision: Failure to comply; No regulatory action.

Key words: Accuracy, E-commerce, Individual rights

Summary of the Decision

Origin of the case
A French complainant contacted the controller three times between July and October 2018 asking for his phone number to be disassociated from another person’s account, as he had been receiving text message updates on orders he had never made.

Although the complainant’s phone number was eventually removed from the other user’s account, the UK SA found that the controller did not comply with its obligations under the GDPR as it did not take sufficient action to assure itself of the accuracy of the personal data it was processing. However, the UK SA recognised that the controller’s standard operating policies and procedures were not followed by the staff in this case and that the controller provided assurances that it reminded its staff of the importance of adhering to such policies.

The UK SA decided not to take any regulatory action on this complaint.

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