Summary Final Decision Art 60

No violation

Background information
Date of final decision: 22 June 2019


Legal Reference: Personal data breach (Articles 33 and 34)

Decision: No violation

Key words: Data Breach

Summary of the Decision

Origin of the case
A third party ordered products from the Living Social website. The cost of the products was mistakenly charged to the data subject. On discovery of the error, the third party was able to access the data subjects personal data (name, email address etc.) from Living Social’s website.
The third party then contacted the data subject regarding what had happened. The Controller has refunded the data subject, but the data subject is not satisfied with their response as the Controller states that they do not believe a breach has occurred.

The LSA, after consulting with the controller, reached the conclusion that no breach had taken place since the controller only stores the last two digits of credit cards in its databases and uses payment tokens instead.

No violation.

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