CNIL – Developer’s Guide sheets

The CNIL publishes a GDPR guide for developers

In order to assist web and application developers in making their work GDPR-compliant, the CNIL has drawn up a new guide to best practices under an open source license, which is intended to be enriched by professionals.

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Currently it includes:
Sheet n°0: Develop in compliance with the GDPR
Sheet n°1: Identify personal data
Sheet n°2: Prepare your development
Sheet n°3: Secure your development environment
Sheet n°4: Manage your source code
Sheet n°5: Make an informed choice of architecture
Sheet n°6: Secure your websites, applications and servers
Sheet n°7: Minimize the data collection
Sheet n°8: Manage user profiles
Sheet n°09: Control your libraries and SDKs
Sheet n°10: Ensure quality of the code and its documentation
Sheet n°11: Test your applications
Sheet n°12: Inform users
Sheet n°13: Prepare for the exercise of people’s rights
Sheet n°14: Define a data retention period
Sheet n°15: Take into account the legal basis in the technical implementation
Sheet n°16: Use analytics on your websites and applications