Hawkpost and encrypt.to, and others – openpgp.js


Opensource with Github:

The way it works is like this:
It fetches your public key.
When the box is open and the secrets submitted, all the content is encrypted on the client side. (with openpgp.js )
The server then signs (experimental) the encrypted content.
Finally the server forwards it to your e-mail address.

Openpgp.js – see https://openpgpjs.org/

Also – similar solution: https://encrypt.to/
with Github: https://github.com/encrypt-to/

also interesting – https://browserpgp.github.io/
with https://github.com/browserPGP/browserPGP.github.io

EU – ALTAI – The Assessment List on Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence


The Assessment List for Trustworthy AI (ALTAI). ALTAI was developed by the High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence set up by the European Commission to help assess whether the AI system that is being developed, deployed, procured or used, complies with the seven requirements of Trustworthy AI, as specified in our Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI.

Human Agency and Oversight.
Technical Robustness and Safety.
Privacy and Data Governance.
Diversity, Non-discrimination and Fairness.
Societal and Environmental Well-being.